New Age in the Construction

Tailor-made Buildings

Construction sector has been on a rapid rise in our country recently. In addition to the Community Buildings, Urban transformation, Malls, Luxury Houses, Smart Houses; the period of Tailor-Made Buildings applied in America and Europe begins for the construction of Villas and Mansions in Premium residence industry. Tailor-Made Buildings...

Ons Mimari Yapı applies its experience in the Construction and Residence sector to the field of Villas and Mansions; and aims to build separate houses in harmony with the person himself/herself and his/her spirit cooperating with the architects, engineers specific to the project and the persons who will live in the house as applied for the Premium customers abroad.

The team comprises of an expert in the relevant field in addition to the architects and engineers. If the project requires, a Feng Shui expert is available in our team...

We start the separate house design which completely depends on the spirit, style and dreams of the customer. It may be classical or modern. Technical team is at your service. You will lead.

While you lead us in the meetings, we start drawing the design... We determine all details of the house with the design. This includes the rooms which can be made larger or smaller when required.

  • Safe buildings with ultra level of Statics and Bearing capacity
  • Safe Panic Room
  • Safe Passage Room
  • Moving Flex walls
  • Turning Panels
  • Special Sound and Heat Insulation
  • Smart Building equipped with the Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Digital Security

We turn your dreams and style first to design and then to the project and deliver you on turn-key basis.
Just like having a dress or jacket tailored; we build Tailor-made separate houses, isn't it nice?

Safe Panic Room

Safe Panic Room protects you and your beloved ones and your valuable articles against the physical threats and provides living space for you in case of earthquake, fire, flood and natural disasters.

It is not seen or recognized from outside. Hidden safe which can be placed inside the Safe Panic Room will also protect your jewellery from all threats. Moreover, there are security cameras, camera control panels, moving sensor panels, alarm system and private lines inside.

Safe Panic Room is your special steel-equipped and luxury room only you and your beloved ones can enter and no other physical force can open.

It makes you feel safe.
It protects the lives of your children and your beloved ones in case of a possible disaster.
It adds value to your house.


We can load many features to the houses such as controlling the house from inside and outside,
Security systems designed according to your personal characteristics,
Remote heating and cooling control,
Opening the curtains and the ventilation to let the sunlight in for your house and your flowers while you are away, controlling the electrical systems,
Landscape lighting and irrigation,
Connecting to all cameras of the house from outside and monitoring the house,
Operating the fire systems and cutting the gas in case of fire,

Taking security measures, as well as the classical alarm and camera systems.

Enjoy being safe at home with your beloved ones.