Safe Panic Room

Panic room is an architectural preference which can be applied in our daily lives. Panic rooms serve as a sort of shelter against the life threatening risks indoor, especially the earthquake; and they can be built in any size and with any equipment requested by the consumer. We have also added secrecy to the room and introduced another aspect. We have created a room protected from all physical threats including earthquake, fire, natural disasters.

Panic room is created using the whole room or a specific part of a room. The dimensions and position of the panic room is determined as a result of the feasibility study, and it is built using steel construction. Heat and sound insulation is made, and protection against all threats including bullet is ensured and the interior is designed for comfort.

Fixed cabinets inside the room, additional equipment with vital functions such as oxygen and water tank on floor may be included as per the need and request. There are battery powered systems in the panic rooms for the lighting need. These systems are designed to effectively meet the lighting need for approximately one week.

After installed in the house, panic rooms are equipped with all materials which may be needed in case of earthquake etc. using the cabinets. These rooms are not visible from the outside or inside.

Panic rooms serve as a safe shelter not only against the natural disasters, but also against any attacks from outside. For this reason, there should be necessary infrastructure and equipment for communication available in these rooms.

As there is no limit in the design of panic rooms, the important thing is to clearly identify the need and facilities of the consumer. Then, the design which will most effectively meet this need will be realized.

Gökay ONUŞ